The Beast heavy duty wood chippers v 1.1



Changelog v1.1 Beast:
– Digital display on the bunker right
– Translation error “Work Light” remedied
– Minor amendments to the Model
– Cameras on each of the 3 working lights
– RULs turn at “Bunker full” a shutdown
– Hupton at “Bunker full” shutdown
Modified reference point for the control box –
– Control box slightly enlarged and positioned slightly differently
– Scraper floor adapted in the bunker. (Flicker should be gone now!)
– Motor blocked (Thanks to manuuuu for release!) With movement and animated tailgate

The tailgate can be opened / closed when the engine is off only!

You wanted a suitable vehicle?
You are welcome!

Iveco Stralis heavy duty version with wooden crane v1.0
– Washable
– Lighting including LEDs behind.
– Timber loading crane
– Support feet
– Basic model ETS2
– 476 hp V8 engine (torque has been increased somewhat!)
– Tank capacity: 750 liters
– 8X8 Chassie, permanent all-wheel drive!
– Interior lighting
– OnBoard Display
– Animated pointer for km / h, RPM, fuel and temperature
– Charging indicator, Lichkontrolleuchte, tank warning light
– Your own sounds
The problem with the older versions of Drive Control is still!
Should you the control box or the tailgate can not be opened, removed or updated
the DriveControl Mod!

Model: [FSM]Atabogo + [FSM]Chefkoch
Textures / InGame: [FSM]Chefkoch
Script / Particles: Marhu
Sounds: joeykiller1000, wobo


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