Hello on the “Welcome to Mecklenburg”.

After a long time again what from Mecklenburg.
An accident has happened!
The storm “Kyrill”, the area around Pinnow afflicted and blew a large part of the street trees.
Furthermore, it has on the LPG yard a bit changed what.
A shot soil, it should come in which you can convert your grain to concentrate.
The Beet cutter has moved into the old house and feed at the station a lot has changed. There may on the ramp right and left sold werden.Stroh and straw bale are to make the station also to money.
The grain industry has some new acceptance trays obtained as they are also found on Carry elsewhere now.
Otherwise, nothing new in the East.
Have fun

Phew, great until I got here hitchhiking already.
Only up the mountain and then there will be the operation.
An existing business assume that’s something.
Let’s see what awaits me there so. Thoughts go through your head. Go expecting the path alongside a lake and nature with a unique landscape of hills, forests and lakes.
Geese flying in the sky and ducks swimming on the water.
A loving pair of swans with their offspring can be driven by wind and waves on the water surface.
Few anglers pursue their hobby, and if you treat yourself once a break, then swim a few fish along the shore.
High up in the sky attract birds of prey circling and you can watch an osprey at foray.
You can sit down at a creek and relax and listen to the merry murmur where the birds are their concert in the background.
Enjoy the many potholes in the road while driving, as it was earlier.
Flowers stand by the wayside and a dunghill lets his delightfully distinctive Gerucht drive through the nose.
A deer draws its path through the undergrowth and the wild pig crosses in front of a the road.
When mowing on the cow pasture a Karnikel flits through the grass and a dreamy Kranich pair stands at the forest’s edge and enjoy the evening sun.
Even coming from CP the message: “Trekker will go swimming” and you missed the Reinecke when eggs claw on the chicken farm.
Crap! Was so beautiful while dreaming and now something.
Reset and take in the pasture the technique again in Betreib.
The cows make themselves felt again and the stall is not cleaned up.
The potatoes you have not yet moved to the damper. The Harvest Brigade at Hächseln on the cornfield did a good job and a silo is already full.
Can be covered tomorrow.
The seedlings, you should also bring fast and the crossing gates are shut.
Man man, a bustle again on sawmill. No combustible material there. Could also again install a new drive, but ne, ne steam engine.
Old scrap thing, but reliable.
Dat one at the station after unloading must always use this lever, so the money is. The web can always think of something new.
Where the caravans coming from? Has the West relations?
Our one must malochen in the field and does not come on the green branch.
But! Get NEN new ZT. Nen Blue with mud flaps. Did they cut off equal.
The old Molli I also greased and refueled. That’s not to get small. Last Retrieve a few parts and can thus suggest the Kartoffelkraut now.
And so the day draws on computer with LS in the length and not steam engine hisses at the sawmill, but the kitchen board is slow on overcooking.
Alas, now shit is steaming on.
One consolation! – Tomorrow, I can continue to dream.


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