Try your luck in the New World! This area is in need of a skilled farmer who can tend to its sprawling fields.
Start your career now and discover the numerous fields of activity of a modern farmer. In this game mode you are completely free to devide what tasks you want to pursue.
Do you want to purchase new fields to expand you farm? Do you want to increase your livestock? Or do you want to invest your hard-earned cash in new machinery? The decision is yours…
With the right amounts of skill and diligence you can soon become one of the most successful farmers across the country. Dive right into the multifaceted world of agriculture.
-Seasons Ready.
-Chopped Straw Ready.
-Platinum Edition Ready.
-Sugarcane fruit.
-Oil Field producing “fuel”.
-Fertilizer, Liquid Ferilizer and Seeds Production.
-PigFood Production.
-Powerfood Production.
-Fermanting Silo.
-Storage for Sheeps(grass, hay, straw, pigFood) and Cows(grass, hay, straw, chaff, silage, powerFood).
-Storage for fertilizer, liquidFertilizer, Seeds, fuel.
-Eggs Collector.
-Repair Vehicle Shop at farm.
Vehicle Shelters at Cows and Sheeps.
-Lights on main roads.
-Sheep and Pig stables.
-Added 3 gas stations
-Sell points:
-milk at Nestle,
-fuel sell point at gas station in city,
-manure, liquid manure, digestate,pigFood, powerFood, silage, fertilizer, liquidFertilizer and seeds at Garden Center.
-Replaced all trees from FS13 to FS17.
-Most of buildings(up to 90%) replaced with new ones from FS17.
-Farm Silo replaced with Silo Complex System.
-Vehicle Shelters at Farm.
-All selling points.
-Pigs Husbandry has moved next to sheeps Husbandry.
-Fields 1, 3, 4, 16, 17, 18, 20 have resized.
-Fruits storage capacity: 1000000 l.
-Animals Feed storage capacity: 1000000 l.
-Fertilizer and Seeds storage capacity: 75000 l.
-Fuel storage capacity: 20000 l.

– GIANTS Software – iNFiD3L – DimGee

DOWNLOAD FS17_Westbridge_Hills_Seas.zip – 829.9 MB

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