Installation is quite as follows Simpel / Easy
But basic knowledge with GE are nevertheless a prerequisite!

1) Unzip the zip: Pellets Trigger private in your MapOrdner your choice

2.) The contained therein Notepad file: Private pellets in your map Imprortieren, the Gweünschten place of your choice (Private house or company on the map)

3.) Setting After positioning the user Artributte the pellet socket Trigger: Default is: eg. Station Name: Fam.Pellets hir can you the name of the family or the company to enter the get the later Pellets … name is also displayed in the game.

4.) price adjustment: my target is slightly lower than the original / The higher the value the more money gets her .. is a small gadget with the values ​​which is up to you.


DOWNLOAD WoodShips-PelletsTrigger_ERST-ENTPACKEN.zip – 4.9 MB

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