For the transport and transportation of vehicles, the transport vehicles are in a good condition.
The feeder transports manure and fermenting liquids to the field vehicle or self-propelled vehicle with a powerful and cost-effective approach.
Increase the efficiency of your operation with this Zunhammer transport barrel, with its capacity of 24,000 l.
Technical specifications:
Perm. Total weight: Container volume: Chassis with swivel platform: Permissible speed: 24.0 t 21 m³ 3-axis 24-37 mp/h

3D Model / texture: daniel11, Arnold, Sk8Mike
Script: Outlaw, Hummel
Conversion / InGame / Test: LS-Landtechnik, The Freak
Conversion LS 17: Landmensch

DOWNLOAD zubringerMayer.zip – 17.7 MB

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